Account configuration (site generic)

This page describes the (general) steps users had to perform to set up their accounts in the Xinu Lab for using IXP1200 network processors.

Step 1: Set up your personal Wine configuration
  • This has been automated by our support staff.

Step 2: Download a copy of the SDK for Linux
What to do:
  • A stripped down version containing only source code, headers and libraries is sufficient to compile and run your own software. You should probably create a copy of the stripped down version of the IXA SDK installation directory.
  • If you use the stripped-down version, then binaries for programs to start the ACEs (ixstart, ixsh, rm.o, etc..) must either be compiled and bundled with every IXP1200 program OR already be present on the IXP1200 itself.
  • You must modify the Makefiles for the microcode so that instead of calling uca.exe and ucld.exe they call execute Wine to run uca.exe and ucld.exe.

Step 3: Configure the environment variables for your account What to do:
  • You need to set environment variables in your shell initialization file.
  • Variable


    IXROOT The root directory of the SDK
    (e.g. $HOME/ixasdk)
    PATH Must Include:
    • The path of the cross compiler
    • The path of Wine
    • The path of the microcode assembler, et al
    • The path of the IDL and NCL compilers
    LD_LIBRARY_PATH Must Include:
    • The directory containing the Wine libraries
    • The directory containing the ACE libraries

          export IXROOT=$HOME/ixasdk
          export CONFIG=ARM_BE
          export PATH=$PATH:/p/ixasdk/bin
	  export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/p/wine/lib:/p/ixasdk/lib

Step 4: Test your configuration
What to do:
  • Compile tutorial-1 :
    • Compile the StrongARM component
    •     cd $IXROOT/src/microace/aces/tutorial1/count_ace1
    • Compile the Microengine component
    •     cd $IXROOT/src/microace/aces/tutorial1/ucbuild
  • If these compile without incident then you have set up your account for building IXP1200 programs correctly

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