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This page contains lecture notes provided by the author, Douglas Comer, as well as links to the figures and diagrams that are found throughout the text. It also contains some example lab assignments and the solutions for those assignments. If you are an instructor and you would like to submit links to your own lecture notes and resources, please send your information to <>.

Lecture Notes

Figures from the Book

The figures are presented to you in two basic manners: with captions and without captions. The figures that are presented to you without captions are presented to you in color as well as in black and white. You can browse the figures using one of the links below.

Although these figures are covered by copyright, the publisher extends permission to any instructor who is using the text to incorporate a copy of figures in instructional materials used with the text.

If you wish, you can download a tarball of all of the figures using one of the links below.

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