Source Code for Programs

This page contains example code for the Agere PayloadPlus from the Network Systems Design book, as well as a few more complete code examples for the PayloadPlus that may be helpful to your learning experience. This page also contains a section for network processor vendors to display example code of their own. In particular, network processor vendors have been invited (see the Preface) to submit their own versions of the bump-in-the-wire system implemented in Chapter 26 of the text.

Code from the text (Agere PayloadPlus code)

Download all of the code at once in a Tarball of Agere code from the book. You can download the files individually below.

Code submitted by network processor vendors

  • Bump-in-the-wire code for the Agere PayloadPlus, submitted by Agere.
  • Bump-in-the-wire code and discussion for the Intel IXP2xxx platform, submitted by IP Fabrics.

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